Public Works


340 Little Falls Road,
Cedar Grove, New Jersey 07009

8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Miscellaneous Information
Seasonal Information
Engineering Department
Road Department
Sewer Department
Water Department
Parks/Shade Tree Department

Phone Numbers:

TEL: (973) 239-1410
Engineering x 280
Road x 281
Sewer x 282
Water x 283
Director Public Works x 284
Parks x 285
(973) 239-1249 (fax)

Miscellaneous Information

Tire Disposal: Drop off your old tires at the DPW office. Cost per tire is $2.00 for car and most light truck tires and $10.00 for larger truck tires. Tires mounted on rims are not accepted.

Leaf Bag Sales: Biodegradable leaf bags are available at the DPW office all year. Cost is $0.25 per bag, $1.25 for bags or 60 bags for $15.00.

Disposal of Tree Branches: Tree branches must be cut in four foot lengths and tied in bundles fifty pounds or less for collection on your vegtetative waste/recycling collection day.

2017-18 Recycling and Garbage Collection Calendar and Guide: Click here


For the list of Special Recycling days (ex. hazardous waste, tires, electronics) run by Essex County- CLICK HERE

Seasonal Information




Cedar Grove’s Fall Leaf Collection Program to begin with loose leaf curbside pick-up October 30th, 2017 thru December 15, 2017 depending on weather conditions. Paper leaf bag collection will start October 23rd, 2017.


Residents may rake leaves to the curb and piled in gutter for collection by municipality’s leaf vacuum and leaf loader. The program also includes a paper leaf bag collection service every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (recycling days). Leaf bags must contain leaves only - no grass, branches, stones, debris, etc. If so, they will not be picked up. The collection schedule provides for the collection of leaves piled at the curb line using an approximate 7-10 day cycle, depending upon the volume of leaves on the individual streets, weather conditions and equipment maintenance. Leaves cannot be piled on Pompton Ave. Piles of leaves must not be placed in the roadway in such a manner as to cause pedestrian or vehicular safety hazards.


Leaf piles must not include debris such as branches, grass, stones, wood, trash, etc. which may damage the municipality’s collection equipment. Also, leaves must not be piled near or upon drainage catch basins or around fire hydrants, or within 10 feet of street intersections. Residents are cautioned not to park a vehicle over leaf piles.


Only biodegradable paper leaf bags will be accepted, no plastic bags. Leaves placed in plastic bags will not be collected. Residents may purchase biodegradable paper leaf bags from the Municipality at a cost of $0.25 per bag, 5 bags for a $1.25, or a bundle of 60 bags for $15.00.


Paper bags may be purchased at the Department of Public Works Yard located at 340 Little Falls Road from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday, except holidays. Bags may also be purchased at the Department of Puclic works on the following Saturdays; October 28 and November 18, 2017 from 9:00am-Noon. 


Biodegradable paper leaf bags must be placed at the curb of any public road the night before your scheduled pick- up day. Bags will be picked up according to zone each week during the leaf collection period, and follows the recycling schedule. Zone 1 will be picked up on Monday, Zone 2 picked up on Tuesdays and Zone 3 picked up on Wednesdays.


Leaves collected by the municipality are transported to a leaf transfer site where the leaves are stockpiled and transported to an approved leaf composting facility.



Engineering Department

Misc. Permits: Homeowners are advised that work on curbing, sidewalks, road openings, etc. require permits from the Engineering office. Be advised that other construction activities may also require additional permits, however these permits can be obtained at the Building Department.

If you have a question regarding the need for a permit for your proposed activity please call the Building Department at 973-239-1410, extension 246 or the Engineering Office at
973-239-1410, extension 280 for clarification.

Road Department

Leaf Program:
Fall & Spring: Every year the Township collects residents' leaves during our Fall and Spring leaf collection programs. Several times during the season the collected leaves are removed from the leaf dump by an outside contractor and deposited in a compost facility for beneficial reuse.
The Fall Leaf Program generally starts in the middle of October and continues until the middle of December. During the Fall Leaf Collection Program residents are allowed to rake leaves to the curbline in front of their homes and the DPW personnel collect the leaves utilizing a leaf vacuum. Generally it takes approximately three (3) weeks to complete a cycle throughout the Township. During the Fall Leaf Program residents are also allowed to place their leaves in biodegradable paper leaf bags. Leaf bags are picked up by DPW personnel and must be placed at the curb before 8:00 a.m. on your normal recycling day, Monday through Wednesday.
The Spring Leaf Collection Program generally starts in the beginning of April and continues for four weeks. During the Spring Leaf Collection Program leaves must be bagged and placed at the curb for pickup on your regularly scheduled recycling day. Leaves cannot be raked into the street Leaves raked into the street will not be picked up and homeowners will be subject to fines for placing debris in the roadways.
Leaf bags can be purchased at most home and garden centers or at the Township DPW yard. Cost for the bags from the Township are $0.25 each or 50 bags for $12.00. Residents are reminded that leaves, whether in bags or raked to the curb, must be free of debris such as branches, rocks, or other miscellaneous waste which will damage the collection equipment, create a hazardous condition for workers and prevent the effective composting of the leaves.

Snow Plowing:
Snow Plowing: The Road Department spreads salt and snowplows the Township's public
roadways during winter storms. Please help with our snow removal program by:
- Keep vehicles off of Township roadways during snow storms,
- Do not clear snow off of your cars in the street,
- Do not snowblow or shovel your driveways and sidewalks into the streets,
- Direct your snow plowing contractors to clear any windrows left in the streets after plowing your driveway.
Your cooperation will be most appreciated and will help keep our roadways safer during these periods.

The Road Department repairs potholes on a biweekly basis, weather permitting. To report a pothole please call the DPW office at extension 281.

Sewer Department

General Information: The Township's Sewer Department operates and maintains the sanitary sewer collection system, pumping stations and waste water treatment plant.

To Report a Sewer Problem: To report a sanitary sewer problem, including blockages, Monday through Friday between 7:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. please call the sewer department directly at 973-239-1410, extension 282. For sewer emergencies after hours please call the Police Department at 973-239-4100.

Water Department


In our efforts to provide more reliable communications with Residents [and Businesses] in the borough, we have implemented Swiftreach Networks, Inc. as our Emergency Notification service provider.Click below to access the SWIFTREACH portal:


General Information: The Township's Water Department operates and maintains the water distribution system which includes water mains, pumping stations and storage tanks.

2015 CCR (Water Quality Report)

For Billing Inquiries:
Call the Water Administration Office at extension 212.

For all other Water Inquiries:
Call the Water Department Monday through Friday between 7:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. at extension 283.

For water emergencies after hours please call the Police Department at 973-239-4100.

Frequently Asked Water Questions

Water Meter Replacement:
Call extension 283 to schedule an appointment.

Leaking Meter:
Call extension 283 to report the problem.

Dirty Water:
If dirty water is noted with hot water only your water heater is most likely the cause and will probably need to be replaced.
If dirty water is noted with your cold water call extension 283 to report the problem. Be reminded that for a short period immediately after hydrant flushing or other water service interruption dirty water should be expected.

Water Quality:
The Township's water is continuously sampled and tested and continues to meet or exceed all of the stringent State and Federal requirements for safety. To provide consumers with information regarding the Township's water quality a Consumer Confidence Report is prepared by the Township and mailed to residents in July of each year. An additional copy of the Consumer Confidence Report can be obtained at the DPW office during business hours.

Water Conservation:
Water is a precious commodity and every effort must be made to conserve water wherever and whenever possible. Call the Water Department to discuss what additional measures you can do to help conserve water.

Parks / Shade Tree Department

Township Street Tree Maintenance:
The Parks Department routinely circulates throughout the Township, neighborhood by neighborhood, pruning and/or removing dead
Township trees. Please report any Township trees which are in need of pruning or take down to extension 285.

Township Parks/Playground Maintenance:
The Parks Department grooms Township parks and playground areas on a weekly basis during the growing seasons.

Christmas Tree Recycling:
After Christmas the Parks Department picks up the discarded Christmas trees throughout the Township. The Christmas tree pickup starts immediately after January 1 and continues for approximately four weeks. The trees should be placed at the curb before 8:00 a.m. on your recycling day for pickup. Trees in plastic bags will not be picked up.