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Environmental Commission
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The Cedar Grove Environmental Commission (CGEC) is appointed by the Township Council to aid our local government in addressing today's complex environmental issues.  The Commission was established by a Cedar Grove ordinance and  is eligible to receive local, state, and federal grants.

The Environmental Commission provides information and expertise to municipal boards, the Town Council, and general public on various environmental issues and problems. These issues include natural resource planning and protection, open space, preservation of flora and fauna, pesticides, toxics, air and water pollution and prevention, recycling, noise control, and wetland protection. The Commission also reviews proposed developments and site plans, including their impact on flooding and runoff. It interacts with neighboring commissions and other agencies and organizations to tackle regional environmental problems.

The Environmental Commission updated the Environmental Resource Inventory (ERI) of Cedar Grove in February 2017.  It was accepted by Town Council resolution 3 April 2017 to be included in the 2017 Master Plan. The ERI included a description of physical features of the Township (topography, geology, soils, and wetlands), water resources, natural hazards, a wildlife and plant survey, environmental quality issues (non-point-source pollution, integrated pest management, air quality, and community noise), open space and recreation, transportation, and trails. The CGEC also had a significant part in establishing the Hilltop Reservation and in developing and maintaining trails in the Reservation and on other Township property and County property. In response to CGEC efforts, the Cedar Grove school board adopted Integrated Pest Management years before it became state-mandated, in order to reduce the hazards of pesticides (including insecticides and herbicides) to children and the environment. The Environmental Commission is part of the Cedar Grove Sustainable NJ committee, with various ongoing projects.



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